Livefyre: Registration


Users were not able to comment with Livefyre without registering an account or signing in with social media.

Livefyre clients saw an initial decrease in engagement on their comments after switching to Livefyre. They wanted us to find a way to make it easier for their audience to comment without having to register or log in.


Lower the barrier of entry for comments by creating a means to comment without registering (“guest commenting”) so that users can engage with comments easily and more freely.


Lead Designer, Front-End Implementation


  1. By removing the requirement to sign in, we will increase engagement on comments.
  2. Adding more social media options, providing users more options for audiences, could increase sign-ups and in turn increase engagement.
  3. A refactor of the log-in flow to support guest commenting is needed.


(click the thumbnails for a larger view)
Wireframe 1: Comment as a Guest Wireframe 2: Comment with or Create a Livefyre Account Wireframe 3: Social Media Login with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn Wireframe 4: Social Media Login with Twitter or OpenID

Methods / Solutions

Created a new comment registration form with social media options:

Created a user flow that prompted to sign into an existing Livefyre account if an email match was detected, but also gave the option to continue without creating one if an email match was not detected:

Final Design

If “Guest Commenting” is activated:
If “Guest Commenting” is deactivated:
If “Create an Account” is pressed:
Error Messaging:
Optional step in setting up a Livefyre account:
Final screen before the modal closes itself: