Deluxe: MediaStore

Type: Visual UI Design
Client: Deluxe Media
Tools Used: Sketch
Details: Deluxe Media contracted me to design the visual experience for version 2 of their product, MediaStore. MediaStore is a B2B product for media companies to use to distribute content for marketing and publishing. MediaStore allows them to manage, market, and license their content along with sales, distribution, and rights management, all in one place.
Deluxe Media wanted a dark interface for their product, to better showcase the assent content of their clients, and they wanted a neutral color scheme that could be easily paired with a variety of brand and theme colors. For this project I was provided wireframes that I worked from. My design included a style guide that I created and worked from, so that all the pages had cohesion. In addition I delivered a Sketch file utilizing a feature called “Symbols,” where I coupled each component together so that they could easily make new pages with the existing components on their own.


MediaStore Homepage

Category Page

MediaStore Category Page

Screening Room

MediaStore Screening Room


MediaStore Baskets Page

Example Components from the Component Library

MediaStore Generic Client UI, Components Example from the Sketch File

Style Guide

MediaStore Style Guide: Fonts

MediaStore Style Guide: Colors