Socialcast oAuth


Socialcast clients wanted a way to link to and preview files from Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. within Socialcast.


  1. Implement oAuth functionality into Socialcast that would allow clients to authorize Dropbox and/or similar services so that they can attach files hosted with those providers within comments and posts in Socialcast.
  2. Implement the ability to preview files hosted with oAuth-enabled services within Socialcast.


UI/UX Design, Front-End Implementation


  1. With oAuth, users can directly link to files from authenticated services like Dropbox to posts and comments within Socialcast, which allows them to only have to maintain the file in one spot.
  2. With oAuth, users can preview files within Socialcast before clicking through to the original file. This will save a user time in locating the right file, by giving them the ability to check it before they load the full file.


(click the thumbnail for a larger view)
Socialcast oAuth Flow - Wireframe

Final Design