Design Services Specifically for Bloggers

Are you a blogger, but find you’re not very tech savvy? Well, don’t worry, I am! And you’ve come to the right place. Below is a comprehensive list of services.

Blog Theme Design

Fully-Custom Theme

Your very own custom theme built from scratch!
(Available for WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger. Pricing varies by platform and needs.)

Semi-Custom Theme

More cost-effective than a fully-custom theme, and still very personalized. I will customize a premium theme for you, to better suit your blog’s branding and needs.

Theme Refresh

Having an existing theme you like, but want to give it more oomph? With this service I will customize your existing theme to better suit your blog’s branding and needs.

Typography Refresh

Are you happy with your theme and it’s functionality, but not the fonts? I will guide you through your choices of font services, both free and paid, and help you choose and implement new typefaces for your website.

Stand-Alone Design

Custom Blog Header

Want a brand new header to spice up your website? This service includes one custom blog header, designed to fit into your branding.

Custom Social Media Banner(s)

Like the Custom Blog Header, this service includes a custom banner for one or more social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), designed to fit into your branding.


Logotype Design

Custom typographic logo ideation & design, simple branding to suit your blog’s style. No custom iconography or logo design is included with this service, this is a type-based logo only.

Business Card Design

Have a logo, but need some business cards? I can design cards to your specifications and help you find a suitable, quality printer.

Technical Services

WordPress Installation or Migration

Are you on Blogger or Tumblr and want to finally make the switch, but don’t know how? Do the guides for how to install WordPress sound complicated to you? Have no fear, I can help! I have experience doing fresh installations and migrating WordPress blogs from other services or servers.

WordPress Optimization

Disappointed with your score from PageSpeed, YSlow or other similar assessment, but have no idea how to improve? Do the results confuse you? I can help optimize your WordPress blog to get better optimization scores and load faster, on both desktop and mobile!

Accessibility Evaluation and Optimization

Is your blog accessible to people with disabilities? Not sure? I can help you evaluate and optimize your blog’s user experience for people with disabilities.



For questions about design, layout, typography, readability, responsive design, etc.


For questions about HTML, CSS, etc.


For questions concerning WordPress, includes help and training.


For questions concerning other platforms besides WordPress, or general inquiries.


Do you need a design service or help with something that’s not already listed here? No worries, please send an inquiry in anyway and I’ll see what I can do.

Ready to Start Your Project?

I have a blogger-specific work inquiry form you can fill out to start the process.

What’s the Process Like?

After receiving your inquiry, I’ll evaluate your project and send you any additional questions I may have via email before sending you your estimate. Once your estimate is sent, you can look over it and ask me any questions you may have before accepting it. At this time we will verify your project timeline and deliverable dates.

For Design Projects

Before any work is started, a work contract must be signed and 50% payment up-front is received. Once work is completed, deliverables will be transferred to the client upon final receipt of full payment.

The work process varies by project type, but will be covered in our contract.

For Technical Projects

Depending on project-type, payment may need to be received in full before the project starts. Projects like installation & optimization don’t have formal deliverables, so must be paid up front.

For Consulting

Consulting is done at an hourly rate, which is estimated and due prior to any consulting call. If the call goes over the estimated time, additional overtime payment will be billed and due upon invoice.