Erica Schoonmaker is an interdisciplinary (aka: “unicorn”) designer with a penchant for accessibility who specializes in UI/UX design for websites and web applications.

She got her start designing websites at the tender age of 10, when she begged her dad to buy her the book HTML for Dummies. It was right around the time that CSS was first introduced, and throughout her teenage years Erica maintained several websites and a personal blog. Since she has grown up alongside the evolution of the internet, she’s learned new technologies as they have been introduced. (She even started using WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, when it was first released in 2003, and still to this day prefers it for all her personal and freelance projects.) Her personal blog eventually evolved into what is now Little & Fierce, a lifestyle blog about finding adventure through travel and larp.

After college, Erica moved to San Francisco, CA to pursue a career in product design, working for both startups and large corporations over the past 7 years. Currently she lives in Berlin, Germany and is a freelance UI/UX Designer. She does have availability for new projects, so please contact her about your next endeavor!